Friday, August 09, 2002

Well, howdy there--I am Christina and welcome to my blog. I have never done a blog before so I feel special ::::Doing the I am special happy cow dance::::::
I think this first blog should tell you a little about me--well, I am Christina. I am 22, married and have one son, Dalton. I live in FL and well, I am a bum--I do nothing but sit on the computer all day playing with my blog.
I wanted to get a blog for several reasons.
One--I am going insane!! I was not meant to be a housewife/stay at home Mom but I am so I try to make the best of it. I am one of those mothers that worry about everything--I wont let my son go to daycare until he is old enough to talk so he can tell me if anyone is hurting my little angel turned demon spawn (he's about to turn two).
Two--I love to write so don;t be surprised if you see a few bits of my work on here from time to time. I am really into writing erotic thrillers right now.
Three-- I need friends--PLEASE OH PLEASE BE MY FRIEND!!
Four--I love cheese--I believe it is the essence of life and well i want to share its glory with everyone.
So let me tell you a few interesting facts about me.
I have an alter ego--Super Cow--why i don't know she is just there. I love cows, have collect them for years and well cheese is made from milk and milk comes from cows--it was destiny. Hell, I picked this template because it reminds me of blocks of cheese.
I joined the army right out of high school--bad home life thing that I will get into later if I feel like it. While I was in basic I broke both my ankles--fell off a 60 foot tower and landed just like a cat--nice huh. So after graduation--yes i kept going i was being a hooah solider--I went to this place called PTRP. That was one of the best years of my life. I will never forget that place. I had so many great friends there and so many good times. While I was there I met my hubby, Dougie Wougie. He had a broken wrist. We were just best friends until one day he was like hmm I love you and I was like hmmm I love you too and he was like hmm will you marry me and I was like hmm why not. Actually it was a bit more romantic then that but you get the picture. We never dated we just got married one day after I was discharged from the army. Doug stayed in and we were transferred to GA. While we were there we had Dalton--everyone had babies there, having sex was the only thing to do in that damn town. Doug just got out of the army last Sept. and we moved here to his hometown in FL. We are even living in the house he grew up in.
But anyway--so here I am. Right now I am waiting for taxes to come back around so I can go back to school. I want to be a vet. My main goal is to one day have my own practice that will also be an adoption center and an education center. I don't just want to help find homes for little animals--I want to teach people how to be responsible pet owners.
I also love to dance--mostly ballet and modern and jazz. I don't know anything about club dancing. Whenever I try to dance in a club I look like I have a weasel up my butt.
I am also a true fan of the theatre--yes it is spelled re not er like most people think. I use to dream of being an actress but I am too fat for that now.
Lets see what else is there about me--hmmmmmmmmm I like cheese. But I think we have already established that.
Well, if there is anything else you want to know just let me--keep in mind I am not computer savvy so please don't try to confuse me with big words and stuff--its just not nice.
So--I guess I will write more later--remember save the cows and eat those chickens and someone pass the cheese.